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More About Us

Description: We are a network of independent photographers. We provide quick response on-site photography services in cities and towns across North America for individuals and companies anywhere in the world. We can quickly get to any location in our respective areas and photograph your subject matter. Even if you need something photographed in a remote area we probably have a member near enough to get there in 4 hours or less. Of course we can provide the same service to local customers. Upon completion of the shoot, the digital photos are quickly made available to you by email or via a Website for viewing on your computer. Our hourly rates are economical, usually $50/hour or less with a 2-3 hour minimum paid in advance. However, some of our members prefer to price their services based on the specific requirements of each job. Many of us also have video capability. See what our existing customers say about our service on our Testimonials page. Please contact any of us directly by going to our Network Members page.
Contact Me Info Hello, my name is Tim Purpura. I am the founder and administrator of the North American Dispatch Photographers Network. Welcome to our Website. Each of our member photographers has been thoroughly screened and I stand behind their work. When you need professional quality photos taken in cities and towns across North America, our Network of photographers is ready, willing and able to fulfill your photographic needs for such things as:
  • A piece of real estate

  • Car, truck, RV, boat or airplane

  • A heavy piece of equipment

  • Construction site or road project

  • House, townhouse or duplex

  • Retail building or office complex

  • Apartment complex

  • Antiques/Collectibles

  • Historical monuments

  • High rise building or public facility

  • Sport facilities of all types

  • A piece of sculpture or other artwork

  • Pets or livestock of any kind

  • Public works or engineering project

  • Machinery or farm equipment

  • Portraits/headshots

  • Group shots

  • Signs/Billboards

These are the types of clients who use our services:

Auto-Truck-Boat-Airplane Owners, Real Estate & Insurance Agents, Attorneys, Buyers, Sellers, Architects, Real Estate Developers, Manufacturers, Livestock Dealers, Fabricators, Landlords, Contractors, Property Managers, Ad Agencies, Mortgage Brokers, Investors, Sculptors, Artists, Engineers, Designers, Interior Decorators and Sign Companies.

Use Rights: In general there are no usage restrictions on the photos since the photographer and customer share the use rights. However, each party must obtain the permission of the other for any unusual or unintended use of the images.

Want to become a member? I am always looking for photographers who would be interested in representing cities and towns not currently assigned. I invite those individuals to check our Unassigned Cities list for availability then go to our Membership Information page.

Click here for our Network Members Page
which includes contact information for every member

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North American Dispatch Photographers Network
Tim Purpura, Founder and Network Administrator
Headquarters Office Located in Dallas, TX
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